December Flying

Bidding Timeline:

Bidding Opens November 10 at 1200 CT

It has been a long uphill battle for all of us. While we continue to push management towards incentivizing our incredible Flight Attendant group, we have made some headway.

The November 2021 bid period will be November 1-30. That makes November a 30-day bid month with a minimum of 11 days off.

Have you heard a scheduler say that they “don’t talk about the contract”..? Has a scheduler ever told you that you don’t see “the bigger picture”…? We are tired of being pushed off the phone and we are here to stand up for ourselves and say that OUR CONTRACT IS THE BIGGER PICTURE!

We are planning a virtual membership meeting for October 4, 2021 at 1100 CT / 1200 ET! We've been through a lot this past summer. We want to brief you on our discussions with management, our proposed solutions, and how we can fight back.
Your AFA leadership has been in negotiations with management about October flying. Flight Attendants are aware of tremendous and difficult changes to September and, potentially, October schedules.
Many of you have already seen your upcoming September pairings change. Almost every time we log in, there is a new notification now.